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In the past weeks,I tested IS 133 vigorously in almost every wind speed from 10 kts to 30 kts,fins from 40 to 52 cms and sails 5.5 to 11 sqm.
I found out the performance range of the board 13-18 kts,42-46 fin and 7.5-10 sail.
The sweetest point was 15 kts wind,44 fin and 9.5 sqm severne 3 cams sail.
At this condition board was perfect to ride upwind or downwind,very fast to get to plane,flying over the sea,indifferent to the chops-really it pulls like a fast train,going straight,no hops-and agile when you want it to be-hard to beleive how well such a large board can jibe or fast tack.
But this is no surprise for the 133 was designed exactly for such a work.
Meanwhile,I was testing my new IS 101 too ) but it is completely a different story.Still shaking with pleasure when I remember.What else can I say ))
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