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Hi all,

I am also in thinking about the Futura, if I find a -08/-09 to a good price. I am 75 kg, and my current sail quiver is 4.7/5.7/6.4 to which I would like to add something 7.5-7.8ish. The Futura would be mainly used with 5.7/6.4/7.x during the not-so-windy summer, and when I only can bring one board along. Other boards in the quiver are Kombat 97 and Pure Acid 80.
Spots for the Futura would be small regular waves, max 0.5-0.75m during high wind. I want to get out planning in relatively low winds, but still want it to kick butt and not be "dragging" those days when it actually is windy. Should I go with the 101 (even though it's veery close to my Kombat) or the 111 (which is quite wide with its 68cm, will the cause much less top-speed and drag?)
The Futura would be used for blasting/speeding, and the kombat for more manouverable surfing/smaller waves etc.

Is the -09 far better/speedier/livelier than the -08?

How is the "fun" in the futura compared to the Kombat?
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