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Default Jumping iSonic vs Futura

So far I've had my eyes set on the Futura 93 as I think it is the best board for my weight (54kg) and skill.

However, I only have the possibility of buying it new, at 1,600 euros (-200 if technora). I also have the possibility of buying an iSonic 101 from 09 for only 700 euros.

I know the Futura is suppose to be easier to jibe and more 'forgiving', but for 700 euros I'm willing to sacrifice some ease of use.

Jibing isn't really my main concern though, for me jumping is more the issue. I've been told that the Futura 93 is a really great board for jumping.

Will a slalom rocker line/design make the iSonic 101 much harder to jump?

I've seen people jump them in videos, so I guess the difference isn't too significant:

(at 2:30)

In the past I've sailed on an old (2004) AHD 88l slalom board and the extremely sensitive rails in jibing aside (probably due to the low volume more than anything else) it was perfectly within my capacity to sail....

Is the user friendliness in a Futura worth 700 euros? Will there be noticeably more top end in the iSonic?

Thanks, (those 700 euros could definitely be spent on a new sails or 2 as well....)
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