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Hi Chris,

if I wasn't to keep my Kombat 97, I guess the choice would have been easier... The K97 takes the 6,4 (and even an old retired 6.7) without problems (recommended 4.5-6.5), but I would like to be able to get some more time on water, and in that case, expanding the sail quiver is more or less mandatory. This also would mean that I'd have to expand the board quiver, and the F101 has recommended sail range 4.5-7.5 (F111 5.0-8.0).
Question is, if the Futura is "enough different" in characteristics compared to the Kombat, that the 101 should fill a gap, or if I should go for the 111 to gain (even) more in sail range? Still, on occasions when the Futura would be the only board available, I would like to take it out into 4.7/5.0 winds, even though it would be rare...
I will (most probably) not go any bigger in sail than around 7.5-7.8, and as I consider myself "almost" lightweight, I would expect the 101 take a 7.8 as easy as the K97 takes my old 6.7 (or am I wrong here?), since floatation is not a problem in these sizes...
Main concern is the 68cm width of the 111, which I suspect could get a bit bouncy in the small waves/chop that builds on some of my spots (sold my old 63cm wide freeride which actually was quite nice, sometimes I regret that...). Total flatwater is not so frequent, otherwise I could maybe also have put more focus on the iSonic... and again, the 101 is only 3,5cm wider than the Kombat97 (61.5), but with faster rockers and bigger sails I suspect this could aid in early planning and/or faster blasting runs (maybe together with some jumping, which is one of the strong skills of the Kombat...)

Lots of thoughts, but the summoned expertise of the forum is very helpful =)
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