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I'm just back from Sal, Cabo Verde. I saw Josh Angulo surf in Ponta Preta (you know, the PWA wave spot in february). There was about 12-13 knots of wind, offshore, also bearly no whitecaps. I passed him, fully planing, on slalom equipment ( 115L board + 8.1 rig) just behind huge waves of +3m. He was on wave equipment with a 5.7m rig (yes, that small), schlogging around just behind the waves. Now Josh is quite a bit heavier than me. You should see him when he catches one of those giant waves. I don't understand how he does it. It almost seems that the rig is of no importance anymore. Unbelievable how he rides those waves. I guess he uses all power of the waves. Damn he's good.
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