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Smile Which size Evo or Kode 80?

Hi! I am windsurfing on alpine lakes when it is (really) windy - starting at about 20 kn up to 30 kn, 35 kn, ... (in storms) and love waves. However during the next years I ll be only able to go windsurfing at European coasts (and lakes of course). At the moment I ve fun with the F2 Guerilla 84 (235 / 58,5) of 2007 using S1 sails in 4.2, 4.7 and 5.3, and an Alpha 5.8

However I d like to buy a Starboard-board for my 78 kg at 1.80 cm ... looking primarily for a change or a smaller board. Gybing, range, some speed, jumping and waves are my objective. I can handle harder conditions but am definitely not an expert.

But I cannot decide which of the 2009 or other starboards will suit best, as travelling with only one board is fun too - they should not be to similar if I'd go for two.

So what's about the 2009 Evo XTV in 75 or 80? Or the 2009 Kode in 80?

As it should be the smallest board top end control is an issue.

Thanks for your answer
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