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What is happening to you happened to me (and to everyone I have spoken to who has a Quad including Timo Mullen). It happened to me for the first five or six sessions. Since putting in the sail cloth I have never (sailed the quad maybe twenty sessions since) had to re-tighten the back two fins. Slipping in some sail cloth to makes the fit in the box snugger. It is not the screw that is the issue its the size of the box being slightly to large for the fin so there is some flex, this works away lossening the fin screw after a session or two. If you make the fin sit more snugly into the box then the screw only has to hold it in place rather than trying to keep it tight. Try it (in my Ezzy sailbags there was a small bit of cloth with some instructions printed on it of how to thread your mast extension properly, that is perfect, cut a small piece off which you wrap around the base of the fin and push the fin snuggly into the box, you can not see it once its in place - if you do not sail on ezzy's ask someone at the beach who does.............).
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