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Angry 10 and 11 mts 2009 OVERDRIVE CAMS PROBLEMS

I'm using 2009 Overdrive, 10 mts in a Formula Experience, with the blue line, severne extension in the point the base of the sail said.
Afer 15 uses, the second and third cam became to pop out the mast, when I tack the sail, transport to water etc, very annoying.
The second and third cams came with the 2 mm spacers, I put in both cams also the 4 mm spacers without solution. What can I do? more 4mm spacers?.
Some of the FE members here in Chile are using the 2009 Overdrive 11m and the cam problem is worse, I also need the 11 sail but i'm in doubt if the camber problem has really a good solution.

Im will waiting any guide, because I think this is a Overdrive common problem, thanks you very much in advice.
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