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Arrow novice w/ some questions

i used to sail a lot as a kid, took 15 years to get back into it. i've been sailing a fanatic ultra cat w/ some old sails ( 6.2 and 7.2). i weigh about 82kg, 5'10", and i would get planing on most days using the 6.2. i got enough use of the old equipment to realize this was something i really want to do. looking for a new board. was thinking the futura 144L and a 7.0 rig. i mostly sail lakes, but would like to take my equip on vacation and try the ocean if i feel i am ready. i dont mind dropping a few grand on equipment that i can grow technically with for a few years. i dont know much about the lingo and technical info, so you might have to dumb it down a little for now. i'm sure i'll have a lot more questions and i really appreciate your help.
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