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roger, thanks for the info. really i only rigged the 6.2 since it was a slalom-foil rig. the 7.2 was one of those sails that was mostly fabric with a window in the middle of it. an 8.5 seems mighty big to me, but what you said regarding weight makes a lot of sense. now, is there a way if i buy an 8.5 rig that i could use the mast and boom on sails that are larger and smaller, so i have more variety of sails? i've been spending a lot of time "window shopping" the internet and when it comes to technical information about sails, i get pretty lost. also, as far as fins are concerned: i'd like to get 2 (one weed). i am beginning to understand the importance of fins and how they work. is going w/ the longer fins the way to go? what is the downside to having a longer fin in lower winds? i really appreciate the help. i found in my salwater fish hobby that online communities like this are one of the best places to ask questions and get straight answers.
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