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eric b 125
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i dont plan on using any of my old equipment, including the mast and boom. the mast i have is light green and it's a one piece deal. all of the guys i sail with use a 2 piece mast. are most new masts made in this 2 piece construction? i have the mast holder for my thule rack, but it seems these 2 piece jobs are much easier to work with as far as packing the car goes. (i'm a sucker for small details). another thing i was thinking about last night was my dad always rolled the sails up around a big piece of pvc, so they wouldnt fold, but nobody i sail with bothers to do this. is this something i will still need to do on a new sail? i will be ordering the board in the next few weeks, but i may wait on ordering the rig package until i learn more about sails. do you think the 141 L is the way to go?
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