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eric b 125
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while browsing the web, doing some pricing on rigs, i've come across a few questions. its a gaastra matrix 8.5/ chinook triple clamp alloy boom / fiberspar reflex 3200 30% carbon mast. what is the luff ( 516 on this sail)? what does the boom # stand for (233)? the mast is a 490/ 29, so thats the length in cm/ IMCS bend number, eh? what does the base # stand for (26). i take it the mast foot doesnt come w/ the rig. is there a specific type to get for certain boards? do i need a mast extension when ordering complete rigs, or is that if i wanted to use my mast on a larger sail?

i apologize for all the elementary questions, i just want to know what i'm ordering.
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