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Hi Eric,
1/all of the guys i sail with use a 2 piece mast. are most new masts made in this 2 piece construction?
Yes, most masts are now 2 piece as this makes them easier to ship when new and easier for the customer to store and transport.

2/ i have the mast holder for my thule rack, but it seems these 2 piece jobs are much easier to work with as far as packing the car goes. (i'm a sucker for small details).
Yes, much easier, but you must remember to get the ferrule (the joint in the middle) fully seated and it's a good idea to buy a roll of vinyl electrical tape and tape the joint when it fully seated to keep sand and grit out of the ferrule, making the mast easy to take apart at the end of the day.

3/ another thing i was thinking about last night was my dad always rolled the sails up around a big piece of pvc, so they wouldnt fold, but nobody i sail with bothers to do this. is this something i will still need to do on a new sail?

The new sail will come to you all rolled up, in a bag. No need to put PVC in the middle and no need to remove the battens like your dad probably did. Once you get the batten tension set originally and a couple of minor adjustments to take care of the sails initial "stretch", you can leave the batten tension alone unless you are storing the sail for more than a couple of months. Then it's a good idea to back the tension off until the batten tension is zero.

4/ i will be ordering the board in the next few weeks, but i may wait on ordering the rig package until i learn more about sails. do you think the 141 L is the way to go?

The Futura 141 sounds about right to me for your weight. You could get the more durable GO version of the same board, but it's much heavier.
As you learn fast shortboarding, you will at some time go over the front and break/crack the nose (it's just part of the learning curve, happens to almost everyone, and can be alleviated by getting/making a multi density foan "nose protector".

5/its a gaastra matrix 8.5/ chinook triple clamp alloy boom / fiberspar reflex 3200 30% carbon mast.

Everything is good here except the 30% carbon mast. I would not suggest anything less than 75-85% carbon for a 490 mast. A 30% carbon mast is very heavy.
Here's the weight of the various carbon content Sailworks Masts:
Light Stick (Pro Race very $$) 1.7 Kg (3.747 Lbs.)
Speed Stick 100% 2.0 Kg. (4.409 Lbs.)
Joy Stick 75% 2.3 Kg (5.07 Lbs)
Compare these to the weight of the 30% masts you are looking at.
Remember, you will be uphauling this rig for a while (until your learn to waterstart, and even then when you are in winds too light to water start), 516 cm (490cm mast + 26 cm mast extension) is 20.3 feet long and you are at the wrong end of the leverage here.
The mast weight is very important! Lighter is better, specially when you are just starting out.

6/ what is the luff ( 516 on this sail)?

This number is the "Luff Length" (the total length of the mast the sail needs to rig correctly). It consists of the 490 cm mast + 26 cm of mast base extension (you set the seating ring on the mast extension at 26 cm).

7/what does the boom # stand for (233)?

This is the boom length. You need at least an extra 10 cm for adjustment.
For this sail (Boom length 233 cm) I would suggest a boom rated at a minimum of
250 cm as running booms at their fullest extension makes them weaker and less stiff.

8/ the mast is a 490/ 29, so thats the length in cm/ IMCS bend number, eh? what does the base # stand for (26).

Yes to all of these, sounds like you've got it! The 26 cm is the height you set the extension at to get a
516 cm luff length.

9/ i take it the mast foot doesnt come w/ the rig. is there a specific type to get for certain boards?

Correct, the mast base does not come with either the rig or the board so you will have to purchase one. They cost < $100 normally. Chinook makes some good ones, but be sure to get the mast base that's "on center". If it rotates off center, there can be issues with both performance and reliability.

10/do i need a mast extension when ordering complete rigs, or is that if i wanted to use my mast on a larger sail?

Yes, you will need a mid size mast extension to work with this sail.
They come in 3 sizes: 12 cm..... 28 cm.... 48 cm.
You do not need an expensive carbon mast extension. The aluminum extensions are
more reliable and are at the bottom of the mast where a few ounces of weight makes almost
no difference.
If you get the Gaastra 8.5, I would buy 2 mast extensions so you can go to larger sails later on.
The 28 cm medium extension will work on the 8.5, but you may need as much as 46 cm extension on
larger sails so get a tall extension as well.

i apologize for all the elementary questions, i just want to know what i'm ordering.
Hey, you don't have this information and I'd like to see you get good information without
a lot of sales hype!
Hope this helps,

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