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hey eric B
also saw your post on windsurf mag
it was i who suggested this site to you ....

one question - what is the rush to buy ??
you have months to surf the web, non ??

if you find a local w/s shop , they will have price-less info!!!

also, some more technical details - not just ANY mast goes with the sail
it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase the matching mast with sail

and as i stated, sailworks 7.0 works with a 490 as well
for me my go-to sail @ 100 kg is my MauiSails Pursuit 8.5 in 20 to 40 kph
each person and each location has different criteria
@ same beach i saw a fellow use a 4.x sail in huge winds
i did NOT go out that day - way too much for me

chatting on-line is one thing, but discussions @ the beach and @ the w/s shop helped me immensely
some places have training/courses - or if you have the funds, now is the time to go SOUTH
there are spots set up for just that - w/s and more w/s
nothing is guaranteed and my w/s guy told me about one year where it did not blow @ all %^&*
he never knew his w/s customers could swear so much and drinks got expensive:-)
all that to say - keep reading , asking and try before you bite - if you can
(although one cannot knock the Futura !!! nor the iSonic for that matter)
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