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sailed last wed afternoon in twilight slalom at peli/point,[swan river] wind around 25knots gusting to 30 knots. state of water due to 100 sailors, boats etc was pretty radical. chop + swell combined with seriously strong wind made just finishing each 2km heat an achievement.
out of 20 to 30 who competed in the heats many pulled out, it was soo radical.
sailed in stronger wind but not with chop everywhere and swells too.
i pulled out after finishing 2 heats, my forearms attempting to gybe around buoys were killing me.
everyone was sailing so slow, as combo of wind + chop + swell was scary.
going out to mark was torture, average board speed maybe 15 knots only . on way back to inside mark around 20 knots.
i finished close to last, but learned alot, more downhaul and smaller fin!
a few of top guys got caught out using too big gear and pulled out.
never experienced anything quite like that in 20 years of sailing.
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