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Default RE: Kombat 117 vs Exocet cross 118/117

I agree with Viking. The A117 is not a light wind freeride board. It has a very short rocket flat where the nose starts to rise very early. According to Boards measurements the 2 cm point is at 134 cm from the tail. Good freeride boards typically have this point at about 155-160 cm from the tail. The result of this short flat rocker is poor planning (people very experienced on waveboards may be able to negate the effect to some degree). The C122 is a better freeride board, especially in light wind.
The Cross 117/118 is basically a freeride board that has been tuned to work reasonably in small waves (and it has a center strap option). At least there are quite a number of people who claim that it works well in real wave breaks.
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