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Originally Posted by eric b 125 View Post
i googled "trans-atlantic windsurfing" and came across one race. is this an annual thing, or just a one time deal?
You might be lookig at "something" that happened in 2000, the TAWR2000. My recollection is that it was a very poorly organized, but absurdly hyped, "attempt" using support boats which sailors could use to rest at night (so much for "windsurfing" across). It aborted after a few days at seas after everything ran into trouble at the first "storm" (a tame force 7-8 if I recall correctly): first to go were the support semi-rigid boats, and the all thing needed to be rescued, they got lucky they were just a day or two out.

There was a way more serious and successfull attempt by Christian Marti in 1982. Solo, no stop, no support boat: he made it in 32 days. But the "windsurf" was a loooong board and you could sleep in it.

So ... if you are lookign to became famous a "real" crossing, solo, no support on a "real" windsurf (a Futura 122?) I think is still something that has not been done.

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