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Default Rebuild weed fin ?

Hi Roger and Ken,

A quick question for you and all other construction gurus here on the forum.

Iím considering rebuilding a normal tuttle weed fin by reposition the fin head and move it a bit backwards to create an offset base. This is my largest weedfin and Iím confident that an offset base will help the fin generate better performance, as it is now the fin trails to far behind the board.

This means I will have to separate the head from the fin and then either mould a new head or fix the old one to the new position. I realize there will be a big issue with strength in the new construction. My question is whether this is doable and if so, how is it done the best way?

I know that some people have rebuilt straight fins to weed fins with 45 degrees rake so it must be doable in some way.

Thanks for your input !

/ Andy
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