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Older X9 have problems with grip.
Some have front part cracks

Some have front cup brakage, replaced with X6 ones, or by using Streamlined or MS boom head
But when strengthening is done, it's a top boom used by a great number of racers.

On the 2010 X9, boom head has been changed, wait and see...

Other choices :
- Maui sails, heavy but strong & Stiff

- AL 360 E3 Carbon, lightweight but as stiff as MS and X9, more carbon inside (-: ( 60% for X9 )
For durability, no recursive problem related after one year
The first brakage in december by a more than 100 Kg guy, who killed a Fiberspar carbon Wave + X9 Wave + Platinium slam in 2008
Changed by AL in less than a week.

Previous generations dont have plebiscite.

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