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Hello Klint,
The Reapers were designed pretty specifically (and tested aggressively) for the eel grass that floats in the Pamlico Sound west of Hatteras Island (HISS site; Canadian Hole,
Island Creek, Fisco Woods, to name a few).
The Tanget Reapers do a pretty good job of shedding surface weeds without going to the 50 deg. rake angle (45 deg. back from vertical PLUS another 5 deg.) that puts the tip of the Someweeds so far out behind the board.
If Someweeds are the "go to" fin in your area, maybe you need one of those.
I don't use them because I find the Tangent Reapers and Lessacher Duo Weeds give me
better performance, better speeds, and the Lessacher Duo's are faster and shed weeds
better than the Vario Rake Tangents.
The "trick" to getting any weed fin that overhangs in front of the fin box is to get a really good seal (or better still fill the void completely with something hard that can be shaped).
I have a friend who has done extensive testing with the TA Santa Barbara weeds and he has very good luck "truncating" them (cutting off the tip parallel to the root) at whatever depth works well in your area.
There are lots of choices here, and I cannot make the final choice for you, I can only recommend what I have found works from personal experience testing weed fins.
Hope this helps,
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