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Originally Posted by ThierryP View Post
On the French Forum, Christine has measured the 2010 iSonic 121 woodcarbon at 150 grams heavier than the 2009 wood. Not a lot more, but then there is the small matter of the extra $$$ we pay for the exotic and supposedly lighter material.
I suppose that what matters is not so much the weight (a 6oz fabric is a 6oz fabric, no matter if glass or carbon, and there are just so many ways to layer a sandwich board, go 4.4oz carbon vs 6.0z glass and you save what ... 80 grams?) but the ride characteristics that a material might produce.

Besides, I really believe that plus minus one Kg is irrelevant when the total package (board, sail, rig) is anywhere between 90 and 150 Kg. Try, put a 1Kg weight in front of your straps and try to spot a difference!

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