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Default RE: Raceboard worlds - New toys, news?

The site isn't much good, but the conventional Raceboards (Pan Am, Mega Cat, IMCO 7.4 and the new Exocet X 380) are clearly dominating according to the Raceboard site.

As it says;
"Further down the field are the "hybrid" racers clearly at a disadvantage against the "longboards" in the light wind conditions experienced so far.

Leading Starboard Phantom sailor is Phanutaat Ruamsap (THA 3); first Exocet Kona Piyawat Panbuddee (THA 27)."

Full results aren't available. It would be interesting to know how far down the field the hybrids are. Kona is a very nice beginner's board/fun board/one design, but it doesn't seem to be competitive with "real" raceboards.
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