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Interesting stats that add more perspective to windsurfing, especially for those (me) who are having more short term memory loss.

Used a Garmin Legend GPS for 375 consecutive days (5/2004-12/2006) to log 13186 miles. Always felt that time on the water was a better measure than speed, other GPS milestones follow:

133 miles- longest single day
36.1 mph- highest peak speed
<25 mph- 5.9% 26-30 mph- 50.8% 31-34 mph- 41.7% >35 mph- 1.6%
4468 miles- highest annual total
721 miles- highest monthly total (5/2006)
34.9 miles/day- average daily miles

Check out a windlog with some nice features available to anyone who wants to use it at the following:

2009 was the most annual days (163) sailed (447 hours), the data is based on a 150# with gear limited to 4.2-6.0 sails and mostly a single 90-95 L board. Primary milestones in 2009 were:

June- most consecutive days sailed at 15
July- first time to sail 21 days in a month
9 months were double digit days and 8 months were either the best or second best since 2001

Overall this data shows the summer (May-August) each year tends to be the best sailing for number of days, distance and speed with saunta-like air and water conditions. Sail usage for 1064 logged days: 4.2- 1.8% 4.7/4.8- 23.1% 5.3/5.4- 28.1% 5.8-6.0- 44.4% 6.2- 2.6%

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