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Amazing stats, interesting windlog and web page. However, you sail/live in one of the best windsurfing locations in the world. There probably aren't many out there that haven't heard of Corpus Christi, Texas and Bird Island Basin. For those that haven't, BIB is on a barrier island along the Texas coast about 20 miles south of of Corpus Christi. The prevailing winds are from the south or southeast and flow over the very flat Padre Island and then across a very large bay with shallow water. The wind tends to be side off shore as I recall except when cold fronts blow in from the north in the spring, fall and winter. If you check out Murphy's windlog, you can see that there aren't many days when you will get skunked.

It's almost always windy and it's great for year round flat water blasting, plus it's also great for learning since you can stand up for miles across the bay (1m deep).

If I had the opportunity to sail as much as Murphy, I would likely be divorced.
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