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Default High winds novice: what board / sail ?

Hi everybody,

I would like to ask for your opinion and for your advice concerning my latest high winds experience.

I should say I'm not really used to high winds, as I mostly windsurf with sails from 8.0 to 5.3 with average 20-22 knots maximum.

Last January 2, I was in Hyeres-La Mandrague (France) and the wind was 30 knots on-shore mistral with moderate shore break. There was also a weed area near the beach.
I'm a heavyweight (93 kg) and my equipment was the following:
board: Jp x-cite ride 120 lt (2007).
sail: Neil Pryde Core 4.7 (1999) with Pride 400 wave mast (SDM carbon 45%).

My concern is that I couldn't really sail.
I waterstarted several times (with water level to my shoulders).
But as I tried to go upwind, I had balance problems due to the shore break: the board seemed not to start and I also felt like the sail hadn't enough power for my weight (I falled off windward a few times).

Do you think I should look for a 100 liter freestyle-wave board first (could the Kode be right ?), or I shoud better look for a more powerful wave sail - like a Neil Pride Alpha ?

Thank you so much in advance !

Enrico, Milano-Italy
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