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"The direction: we’d like to focus on making windsurfing social, easy and convenient for everyone."

In my opinion, this is exactly the right thing to do, precisely what the sport needs today. But each word is important, and notably the word "everyone" needs to include the current base of seasoned windsurfers.

In the past, attempts to propose accessible gear was done in an unbalanced way, either accessibility or performance, but not, or never really, both. Indeed it is not easy to achieve, but thats exactly why I am so enthusiastic about your Phantom Race 320. I have an iSonic, 2 Futura and one Kode, all fine, but this is a real innovation.

With 30 years of windsurf, I find this board extremely interesting and pleasant to sail, so I am sure it has a large potential towards seasoned windsurfers, but at the same time, it is also perfectly adapted to beginners or families. Just put the mast rail on allround position, forget it there for now, and here you go.

I can't think of another model in the past which was both a performance board for specialists, as a perfect complement to their short boards, and an accessible, affordable (in tufskin) board for all other persons, a board which will follow them in their progression without ever frustrating them.

I have been waiting for years for such board,
and now I sail ten times more than before,
the question to know whether I will have the right conditions is history,
the question to know whether I will have max fun is history,
I rediscover promenade, surfing with two persons onboard, tactical race course windsurfing (even when I am alone on the course), more diversified practise
I have fun whatever the strenght of the wind
I even use it as a kayak with the Bic Jungle seat, and probably can also use it as a SUP (will try)

I hope so much you would share this enthusiasm, dedicate some promotion efforts, and redefine the marketing positioning of this board. Not only the best raceboard for hybrid class, much more than that.

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