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Default Question for Remi IS 111 vs futura

I am sailing Formula experience though in high wind condition I want to get a second board for 15 to 25 knts were FE starts to get hairy, I am 80kgs. The second condition is that I will share this board with my son, 50 kg and 15 years old, this would be his light wind board for lakes,with sails up to 7,2 . For high wind I use kode 102 and my son evo 75.

question one, will the ISonic 111 09 with two fins a good option for both
question 2 , Will the Futura 111 or 122 be an early planning board compared with the IS 111, I guess the IS is more techinical but not that different compared to FE.
Finally which one would be better going upwind

Thanks for your help
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