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Red face Futura 101 in woodcarbon, 2010.

Greetings from the winter cold Denmark.

I have for a time look at the Futura 101 in 2010 woodcarbon edition. This board, I thought would be my one-board solution and replace my current F2 eliminator vol: 103 and 62.5 width.

My question is whether it is realistic that it can carry my current sails : Hellcat 5.2, 6.2 and 7.2, which I use in winds between 17 to 31 knots. (The Eliminator have problems with 7.2) and does the width 65,5 on the Futura gets to big for windy days +26 knots ? Or should I look for a two board solution? Maybe isonic ..

I sail on flat water sometimes with a little or heavy chop, no waves and a GPS. And have reached 26 knots as my max speed, working slowly against the 30 knots

I am in the intermidiate area. Waterstart, harness use etc. is okay. But still working on those carve jibes and gaining speed. My current weight is 80 kg.

Regards From
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