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well, if I remember correctly, when the end of pumping restrictions occured in the 80s, people wondered logically if it would change the results or the content of races, favour strenght rather than tactics,

but in practise nothing changed in the results, the guys with best tactics were also those with best techniques, including pumping, and really with or without it did not change much, simply was more technical, more sportive, therefore more interesting with pumping

I also remember a French championship in 84 where we had some races with very light wind and which were done with pumping during all the race, under the heat, but again I did around the same place there as I did in strong winds, and it was substantially the same for everybody

it only gets excessive when really theres no wind, but a limit in wind knots could apply, as it did at the time

Anyway I think the main issue in windsurf competition today is that of gear. Many people do not want to sail Formulas, because they are excessive in all their characteristics. Traditional raceboards are too long to be pleasant in strong winds. Kona is a real good idea but board design is not top performing enough.

I think Starboard has finally achieved the right compromise with the Phantom Race 320, which could be used as monotype with a reasonable size rig (I use it with North Ram F9 7.8) it is really pleasant, interesting, technical, from very light winds, where it reminds me of my old Lechner, to Force 6, where it remains great fun. It can also be used as a kayak, with the Bic Jungle seat, and as a SUP.

Same potential as Kona, but with more advance design, able to convince more seasoned windsurfers, while remaining also perfectly adapted for beginners, casual practise and families. Competition should be for everyone, like in the old days, not for the few survivors of windsurf deviances ...
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