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Default Windsurfing versus Kitesurfing

Hi everyone,

It's freezing cold out here, it's snowing and I'm bored because I can't windsurf.

Let's bring up another subject.

I'm sure that many of you must have thought already about trying kitesurf. Probably many of you have already done it or are still doing it.

Some people consider kitesurfing to be the largest rival of windsurfing, especially the youth.

Me personally, I've tried it several years ago when the sport just took off.
I didn't like it too much already from the start.
For me, it was like the kite always wanted to pull me up and I lost all feeling and contact with the water surface & waves.

It's when I witnessed with my own eyes a terrible accident on the beach that I realized how dangereous and lethal it can get. I immediately stopped with it.

What are your ideas about it ?
All comments Pro or Contra are welcome.

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