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Mike T
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Hi! Not sure if I found the right web site but is Kwik Grip a double sided tape? Not heard of the stuf here in the US. But what I have used is Barge Contact Cement to reglue deck pads. I use some denatured alcohol to get everything clean, let it dry then using a small brush put contact cement on both parts the board and the foam, a little bit of glue on the edge of the foam if it's ripped at all helps to glue the edge back together. Let each part dry( you might have to use some wax paper between the foam pad and the board so they don't touch each other until the glue is dry) Then remove the wax paper a little at a time and stick the foam back down. Caution: Once the foam touches the board you can't pull it back up to reposition it so make sure it's alligned right. Also use a rolling pin or wooden dowel to press the foam back down once you have it in place that will force any air bubbles out from under the foam. I would try the CC glue first before replacing the whole pad. Hope this helps. Mike
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