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Originally Posted by davide View Post
I can relate but ... use instead an Isonic 122/133 with a 7.5-8.5 sail, and blast and be able to cruise around much better than with a Kite in 10 to 16, be covered from 7-8 knots, and even go out in 4 knots to floatingly fool around.
Full respect. An Isonic 122/133 with a 7.5-8.5 actually requires a high level of skill to get the best out of it. Its big kit and I could never get my head around it but I can see many people are stoked on it.

Maybe I am lucky that I have talked with and watched top class kiters, one of them an ex world champion.

They obviously make it look easy and while I would never come close to their standard I believe I could still have more fun on a kite in 10 to 16 knot winds than a windsurfer.

Itís the fact that kiters can get away with very small maneuverable boards in light winds that attract me.
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