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I hear a lot of things that I personally can agree upon.

If I summarize.

Pro Kite:
- not much equipment to carry, compact
- higher "show" aspect for spectators, propably because of the high air jumps
- they seem to be faster, holding the higher speed records

Pro Windsurf:
- Better/easier Upwind capabilities, or am I mistaking here ?
- Safer, drop the sail and all immediate danger has disappeared (drop a kite and the danger only starts, especially on a beach with a lot of obstacles)
- No need for a partner to help you with landing the kite in high winds and keep it on the ground, at least that's what my friend tells me and he is kiting for more than 7 years.
- More contact & feeling with the water surface (this could be something personal)
- Formula & Long boards plane easier in lower winds between 6 - 11 knots

I can agree with Hot Ice, kiting seems to move more and more towards wave riding. That's also what my friend tells me. He's not interested anymore (or shall I say bored) in flat water and high jumps. Wave riding is all he wants.

Again something personal, when I see a windsurfer ride a wave or attempting a high speed record on flat water, it seems so much more natural to me. I can't explain it. It's probably my love for windsurfing.

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