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Ive done boat sailing for few years and tried out kite just to see what i was missing and for sure i will stay with windsurf until i have health and strength to do it......this sport is just amazing!!!!!

In my opinion there is no much fun being pulled around by a big blanket....

Im 40 years old and ive done a lot of sports like: Soccer, Volley Ball, bodybuilding, boat sailing, kayaking and windsurfing....stayed several years at each of them and i must say that windsurfing is the most fun, amazing and adrenaline one ive done!!!!!

I have fun windsurfing in 10 to 30 knots with 8.0m sails to 5.0m sails....i think with less than 10 knots just relax and go for a swim or tan....

I wished i could have started earlier......

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