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I learnt to KS about four years ago because i live by the sea. It was a real hassle here though: No one to help me launch or land the kite. No big wide beach to rig and launch. Sticks and shells catching my lines. But most of all, the wind is too gusty here and my kite would often fall from the sky.... very difficult as a learner.

I had a few close calls with unintended air. Could have easily died...

Anyway, one day I thought "what ever happened to Windsurfing?" I would have none of these problems windsurfing...(I had learned in the 80's with horrible gear and no lessons and had abandoned it and forgotten it.) So I asked a guy I saw one day as he got off the water and he pointed me in the right direction.

Since that day all my KS problems have been solved. That is why WS is better for me. If I lived somewhere else I would have kept kiting I think. But the big surprise about it all is how amazingly fun WS is now, compared to the 80's.

I bet there are millions (literally) of people my age who gave up windsurfing in the 80's and just assume it still sucks... someone should tell them how good it is now.
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