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I have to say that almost all my old windsurfing buddies switched to kiting long ago and dumped all their windsurfing gear. As you would expect, I received a lot of peer pressure to cross over to the "dark side" and abandon windsurfing. But, I really love the sport of windsurfing, and the idea of turning to another sport just doesn't make sense to me.

Earlier in my life I was a dedicated surfer for many years (over 22 years), but in the mid 80s I discovered windsurfing and just had to do it. While I both surfed and windsurfed for a number of years afterward, I found that surfing just wasn't making me as happy as it did when I was a younger man. Much of this is because of my age. By my mid 40s, it was becoming increasingly difficult to compete in the lineup with young guys in their teens and 20s. So, you might say that I ultimately crossed over to the "dark side" dedicating myself solely to windsurfing.

Now I mention all this old history because what I found is that all my old windsurfing buddies kind of painted themselves in the corner by focusing on riding the waves. Given that the winds can be on the light side where I live, with only small waveboards and sails they found less and less opportunity to sail, especially since good waves matched with decent wind are often infrequent. Kiting ultimately offered these guys a way to rip small waves in light wind. Given their very narrow focus, kiting simply offered more.

For me though, I didn't start windsurfing to become a wavesailor. I've had so many waves in my time that I wasn't totally enamored by the wave scene like many that never surfed before windsurfing or kiting. Don't get me wrong, I take advantage of the waves if conditions are good, but I still thoroughly enjoy just sailing about. I love freedom and speed of open ocean conditions, so simply dogging the surf lineup just doesn't tend to make me as happy.

I have to admit though, seeing the kiters rip up the waves has been a bit tempting. However, in my opinion, the idea of dealing with the long lines with a power source 75 feet away is the weak link in the kiting scene. The lines totally sour me on the thought of kiting. Although I view kiting as a great sport, it will never be in my future.
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