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Yes, with me it were also my old windsurf buddies (now converted to kiters) that put the pressure on. I've resisted though, and wont cross over anymore to the "dark side"
I'm speaking a lot with youngsters about this subject and must say that there are still a lot of youngsters that choose resolute for windsurfing in stead of kiting. But I think they are in a slight minority. Probably the advantage of having less equipment to carry is also very important for them.
A logical evolution like snowboard, yes I agree, but I know really a lot of guys that already gave it up and are into skiing because they say it's safer and falling does not hurt that much.
I also think that kiting is a great sport as long as you keep it safe, not only for yourself but also for the others on the beach. According to me, the issue of needig really a lot of space on the beach will become their greates challenge/problem for the future. If I see how crowed our beaches get with kiters nowadays ... I must admit that I dont feel comfortable between them, with all respect.
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