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As far as I'm concerned, its easier to learn windsurfing than kiting.
I disagree. One week of kiting with a few days of instruction will have most athletic people kiting upwind and maybe even getting some small jumps. Windsurfing's learning curve is very steep and you won't see many windsurfers planing around in the straps, staying upwind, and jumping after a week (or two or three or...). In fact, I watched a frustrated intermediate windsurfer pick up kiting's basics in only a few days in La Ventana last winter. He quit windsurfing and talked his windsurfing-newbie girlfriend into kiting instead. I'm not sure this scenario is so uncommon.

I've kited for a few seasons and have passionately windsurfed for 30 years. I still find windsurfing more interesting when its over 20 knots. I enjoy kiting and love jumping and riding waves, but the sensation of windsurfing feels better to me for some reason. Both sports are very fun, and my kiting has forced me to think differently while I windsurf (I find I go for more tricks/loops/etc and don't mind getting punished as much).

It's sad to see so many would-be windsurfers give up and start kiting for the instant gratification (and possibly accelerated boredom later on). Windsurfing stays interesting for longer in my opinion, and is more difficult to master. Many of the local ex-windsurfers here who've moved to kiting don't get out as much anymore. They feel like they've gotten as much from kiting as they can, and they've faded from the scene. Some have expressed interest in returning to windsurfing; hopefully they do. I see very few newcomers to windsurfing here; we're all getting older and we need new blood. Kiting seems to offer more initial excitement to many people, but I'm not sure it holds people's attention for long.
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