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You seem to come up with a new aspect of kiting, being more easy to learn but getting faster bored of it as well. It's something that I also heard from a buddy/kiter.

I think that many of the converted kiters still believe that they can do their sport with less wind. I'm convinced that a lot of my old buddies think like that. A lot of them have not followed anymore the new evolution in boards of the last years, i.e. becoming wider and shorter. This in combination with the sails becoming bigger and easier to control in a larger wind range makes that windsurfers - especially the heavier ones - can now plane with less wind, compared to kiting.

I totally agree of course. You need to do the the thing YOU really enjoy and not what the MARKETING machine tells you to do. This is always the best attitude. And it doesn't mean that you can't try new things.
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