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Originally Posted by kvda View Post
well, I use a i125 with a RSS 8.4 on a choppy lake, and think it's great both in controll and speed. Are you sure better tuning cannot help you?
Dont get me wrong, this combo handles the conditions very well. This is a place where I usually use a wave board for B&J, so even in 10 to 15 knots it is very lumpy, in fact I have found that the i122 jumps very well ; ) But if you are'nt concerned with speed, then a Futura would be better. My boards are i86, i122 and Acid86, I dont want to get a bigger wave board, so at the mo my i122 and 8.4 RSS is my 8 to 15 knts combo for any water state. I weigh 75 to 80 kgs, I usually have the 8.4 fully downhauled and I have my mast track in the centre, foot straps are in the recommended positions. I also dont sail this combo very often, maybe once every few months, so I guess my muscles never really get conditioned to the stances and positions that I sail in
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