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I've windsurfed for 25 years and kited for 5. I do both depending on my mood.. Just to set things straight.Kiting can be learned in a week of good conditions,windsurfing well, still learning realy. kiting in light to moderate winds alows self launch and recovery no need for a buddy,The two can't be compared its like the 100 meter sprint and the pole vault,both athletics but different disiplines, the drive from a kite is different from a windsurfing rig .One massive advantage of kiting is that you only need water a foot deep,so when you get small waves inshore with the wind cross shore you can ride the waves straight downwind close to the shore. to me that is the only benefit. From there on windurfing is by far the more versatile. Safe kiting is too dependant on wind direction,and obstacle free areas. I can kite for an hour or two without ever touching dry land. I'd be dead on my knees if I stayed out that long on a windsurfer,so apart from being easier to learn kiting is less pysically demanding. As to safety well waking over the road is deadly if you close your eyes and hope. Kiting and windsurfing are relatively safe if you use good practices and think about what you are doing.The new breed of kites can be depowerd at will and simply and drop out of the sky The bulk of the kiters I know ,were would be windsurfers who just could't quite progress to a carve gybe ,I'll keep on doing both,as long as the grim reaper stays away, Fair winds 4 to 5 bf please.

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