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Originally Posted by mac33 View Post
the two were robbie radis + chris lockwood, had lots of fun watching these two go down simultanously as gust came through. no-one could sail in that gust. they were on race gear, chris on 5.0m other i think on 5.8m. averaged 30 knots, gusting to high 40's.

did see once a heavy scandinavian bloke [100kg] fully sheet in,wind around 40knots plus sailed for about end of run the wind picked his kit up and blew it 30m towards shore.
Gruissan south of France mai 2007 between 40 & 55 knots, the best gust at 62 Knots
The little guy on Starboard had a 5 meters sail

Look at the MS, a well-known Aussie ( without is hat )

Nice time for a beach party (-:

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