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Originally Posted by Ken View Post
Murphy, can see that there aren't many days when you will get skunked.

If I had the opportunity to sail as much as Murphy, I would likely be divorced.
Ken, thanks for the feedback and great PR for Bird Island Basin. With all the toys you and the other posters have it would indeed be difficult to get skunked at BIB. Fortunately my wife of 38 years understands and has made it possible for lots of time on the water but unfortunately she is unable to enjoy much of it. Have to keep resisting bigger gear because of a limited allowance and to stay married.

Also thanks to Mike T for the PR for Bird Island Basin, glad to know you had the opportunity to sail in the Corpus Christi area.

For those who have been here before, come on back and for those who have not been here, come on down to the worst kept secret on the Third Coast. There are only a dozen or so locals that sail BIB regularly but there are hundreds of regular visitors each year and plenty of room for more.

Mike Murphy
CCWA BIB Launch Advocate
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