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Originally Posted by kennatt View Post
As to safety well waking over the road is deadly if you close your eyes and hope. Kiting and windsurfing are relatively safe if you use good practices and think about what you are doing.The new breed of kites can be depowerd at will and simply and drop out of the sky The bulk of the kiters I know ,were would be windsurfers who just could't quite progress to a carve gybe ,I'll keep on doing both,as long as the grim reaper stays away, Fair winds 4 to 5 bf please.
Good points Kennatt, I only disagree regarding safety. Kiting is much more dangerous than windsurfing, and even the best riders cannot help situations in which you drop from the sky, or the freak accident in which you dragged in water or land, or crash against a solid barrier.

Not a scientific survey but in 2009 alone I counted 2 people dead at la Ventana (washed to shore), 2 in Italy (close to Rome and at Garda, both seen from the beach falling out of control, hitting water, and drowning), one in California (washed to shore), plus a person loosing his leg as a consequence of injuries.

Nothing wrong with a dangerous sport, but 1 week to learn + denial of risks can make for a deadly combination.

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