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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Seems this is an area manufacturers seem to be ignoring (or probably doesn`t exist?)

Nearly all the modern kit at around 100 litres is worried about early planing and top end. (even Kode ?) My F2 Style 250 is worn out !!!

Will try and get on a RRD FSW

Thanks for replies.
I'de have to agree with you. So many modern boards are focused on early planning. But it is super difficult to get an early planning board that doesn't complain once over powered as generally the characteristics for early planing don't work so well when completely maxed out.

I think for really high wind a freestyle/wave board is the way to go, with one strap at the back. The water will be too confused anyway to allow you to simply blast and that 1 strap will make hitting jumps a breeze.
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