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There should be a difference between big boards and smaller boards.
Upright fins. 15° . Rake 30° fins. and Weedfins with 45°.
125-140liters with 7m˛-8,5m˛ 36-38cm Slalom or Freeride fin.
Rake 30° 32cm is 39cm long -
Weedfin 45° 32cm is 45cm long.

105liters-125liters Slalom 30cm-33cmRake or Freeride fin.
Rake30° 28cm is 35cm long
Weedfins 45° 28cm is 39cm long

80liters -105liters 27-33cm Slalom or Freeride fin.
Rake 30° 25cm is 28cm long
Weedfin 45° 24cm is 34cm long.
There I work doubleasymm.fins can I use the fins 2-3cm shorter. Carbon or G10?
Carbon shorter than G10. So you can see,many points.
At first: No spin out and fast. A Rake 30° fin in 22cm made with Thomas Döblin
50 knots topspeed GPS. Wolfgang

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