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Default Fin for Futura

No replay so far..
I wonder did not explained clear enough or nobody have the answers or wrong forum?


Flatwater condition.
Windrange 10 -30 knots.Not really gusty.
180 cm 80 kg sailor
Board : F 111 / F133 Sail: NP V6 6,5 m/ NP Hellcat 7,2 / NP V8 8,5 m.

Need advice for fin selection.
I have regular Drake fins and been told if want to increase performance in terms of speed need specialised fins for that purpose.

There is many fin brand/type.Select;Deboichet.Tectonics,Maui etc.A pro windsurfer recommended me strongly Tectonics Talon fins.

1-Are Talon ideal type of gear for my equipment or other type of tectonics or any other kind fin suits most?

2-What fin length should be for above board and sails as I am planning to buy 2 fins for each board?

For the time being I am stuck about 30 knots max .It is the limit I could not pass beyond last season.I expect with Futura I could achieve 33-34 knots at least.I was using F111 with Drake 38 fin.Maybe need a smaller one?

3-Last confusing topic.Read somewhere that on same conditions using no cam instead od cam sail you have to rig 1-1,2 m. smaller in order to sail without owerpowered.E.g. sailnig V8 7,5 m comfortably and if you want switch nocam ( NP Solo) you have to use 6/ 6,5 m.
I know cam sails are more forgiving during gust and covers a bigger windrange without changind the sail vs nocamsails. but is the difference really such big?

I have a Hellcat 7,2.In that sense what is the equivalent cam sail of my 7,2?
V8 7,5/8.0/ 8,5 ?Could not get any satisfactory answer experienced windsurfer around.
Hoping to get some valubale information from fhe forum.

thanks in advance

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