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hmmmm... thank you. I thought the GO 155/175 did have an extra center fin position. Apparently wrong. As my kids are 13 en 15 they should be able to learn on something else than a Start or Rio but an extra fin (on the daggerboard position so to say) would be handy...

My aim is to get my family enthousiastic for windsurfing with a board that is not too hard to learn on but will not be too dull too soon. there fore: GO144/155/175... Any suggestions what to do next? I plan to surf in shallow water (1 meter) Btw. I bought a Loft Sails Spark 3.2 for my family last year. I did not work out with the narrow Bic Samba.

Furthermore are the Start and Rio the only boards that can use an iDO with the extra bolds or are there other boards that cater for the extra lateral rigidity by extra bolds.?
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