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Originally Posted by AndreM View Post
hmmmm... thank you. I thought the GO 155/175 did have an extra center fin position. Apparently wrong. As my kids are 13 en 15 they should be able to learn on something else than a Start or Rio but an extra fin (on the daggerboard position so to say) would be handy...

My aim is to get my family enthousiastic for windsurfing with a board that is not too hard to learn on but will not be too dull too soon. there fore: GO144/155/175... Any suggestions what to do next? I plan to surf in shallow water (1 meter) Btw. I bought a Loft Sails Spark 3.2 for my family last year. I did not work out with the narrow Bic Samba.

Furthermore are the Start and Rio the only boards that can use an iDO with the extra bolds or are there other boards that cater for the extra lateral rigidity by extra bolds.?
Bonjour Andre,
at 13 and 15 of age, I feel you do not need the iDO. Kids rig are now easy enough to handle for young teen agers. I understand your dilemma to get them to enjoy windsurfing with the proper board and to be able to use this board for many years after , as they improve. One option you may have would be to rent a very stable board.There might me a renting place in your region that offers rental service. Most of the teen agers we tought windsurfing had out growned their big stable board ( 200 lt, wide beginner style) in less then 4 to 5 sessions. Thats way, once your kids are confortable with the basic of windsurfing, you could get a family board like the GO.

To come back to the iDO. Our club uses it mostly on the Gemini Tandem, to itinitiate very young kids or kids who have a physical weakness. We do not use the iDO as a long term training tool, as it does not react exactly as a normal sail does. But for a 3 to 4 year old kids , the first 30 minutes puts as big smile on their face.
When we put it on a single mast track board ( like on one of our Start fleet ) we always make certain we have an onshore wind , a very small sail, and less then 8 knots wind, and we always have someone on the water following that kid.

But for your teen agers, a simple good initiation session will do the work, as they obviously have the energy and strengh for it.

Hope me advise are usefull.
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