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Default Difference in quality Drake Fins 2008/2009?

I bought a 2008 model Drake Fin 36 cm and i had a lot of spin outs. It was also very diffcult to stop it. With other sizes (year 2006) i have almost no problems. And if there are, then they are easily to stop. I can change the model 2008 for 2009.The 2009 model has a white base.
Is that the difference? Or are in the 2008 models the composition from the material not
homogeneous? Spin outs in choppy water because only a small part of the fin is in the water
and is then not capable to resist the pressure. I red that some are satisfeid others not.
Some people sandpaper the text. If this can cause a problem, why leave it not a way?
Sorry for my english i still hope that my question is clear.
The 2010 Isonic models have no fins. Has this to do with many complains about the Drake Fins?
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